Flower of the soul LP


Ships on: July 25, 2024

transformation became the watchword for liana flores’ debut album, Flower of the soul, whether it be the changing of the seasons or the evolving nature of love.
it’s a theme that can be heard throughout much of the london-based british-brazilian songwriter's music, which pairs dream-like vignettes of her intimate world with wistful, drifting guitar melodies to get lost in.
written over the course of three years, Flower of the soul is an 11-track meditation on impermanence, told through an intoxicating blend of stylistic influences, from classic jazz, ‘60s brazilian pop, and british folk. it’s an ambitious sonic leap forward which finds liana truly at home with her sound.


Side A
1. Hello again
2. Orange-coloured day
3. Nightvisions
4. Crystalline
5. Now and then

Side B
1. Halfway heart
2. “When the sun…”
3. I wish for the rain
4. Cuckoo
5. Butterflies
6. Slowly